We love the approachable format, and the fact that they chose to feature customers that users can really relate to. When you click into any story, you can read the whole case study in a Q&A format.

-Mr. Zakariya Zulkarnain-


“The great thing about video testimonials is that they really stand out and make a big impression. There’s just something about seeing a talking head and hearing an actual voice that establishes likability and trust ”

-Mr. Iskandar-

“Just as long form sales copy triggers something in our minds that says, “If there’s this much to say about the product, it must be good,” a lengthy testimonial ignites similar feelings. ”

-Mr. Syaikhul Aziz-


“You can get a long form testimonial by asking your customer to write a review as a blog post on their website. In return, they get an affiliate link which they can use to earn a portion of the sales they refer ”

-Mr. Aji Fadillah-